The Americas Series


You are cordially welcomed to attend this virtual conference series on transatlantic maritime security and strategy challenges! It pairs experts on naval strategy and maritime security from North, Central, and South America with European colleagues to exchange thoughts and perspectives on pressing security issues. Specifically, it will discuss selected American navies, be they naval warfighting forces, maritime security & logistics providers, or third parties.

Speakers from South, Central, and North American country discuss recent naval strategic developments from their national (regional) point of view (15’-20’), such as capstone documents, major naval operations, procurement, major threats, and challenges. Where applicable, panelists from Europe will be invited. Speakers are specifically asked to focus on implications for NATO, the EU, Europe as a whole, and European navies. Followed by moderated Q&A. Length of event 75’-90’ (max.). Open for all who are interested. The event will be recorded and is on the record.

Engage with the speakers using the hashtag #AmericasNavies.  



Session 1 | 28.01.2021 - Sealift and Merchant Marine & US Coast Guard

Session 1 kicks off with two quasi-navies: Our distinguished speakers will present an overview of the U.S. Coast Guard, the 12th largest navy in the world if calculated by tonnage, and the sea-lift and merchant marine capabilities of the United States of America.

Speakers: Prof. Sal Mercogliano & Captain James Howe

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Session 2 | 10.02.2021 - Americas as a market & Mexican Naval Strategy

Session 2 brings together two items of interest: First, the discussion will center on the North, South, and Latin America as a naval market. Second, an often overlooked maritime force and its strategy will be covered.

Speakers: tba & Christian Ehrlich

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Session 3 | 18.02.2020 - Canada & USA

Session 3 covers the two North American countries with rich naval tradition and sizeable navies. Canada and the United States are NATO navies and, as such, of utmost interest and relevance to transatlantic security.

Speakers: Timothy Choi & Prof. Peter Dombrowski

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Session 4 | 08.03.2021 - Seapower from a South American Perspective & Colombian Naval Strategy

Session 4 brings us further south in the Americas. Our panelists will discuss maritime security challenges in Latin America and in particular the Colombian naval strategy.

Speakers: Dr. Samuel Rivera Páez & Rafael Uribe-Neira

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Session 5 | 11.03.2021 - Brazilian Naval Strategy & China and IUU problems in South America

Session 5, our final session, pairs a perspective on China’s maritime influence in South America with a perspective on Brazilian naval strategy.

Speakers: Andrea Resende & Prof. Tabitha Grace Mallory

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Speakers and panelists

Dr. Sebastian Bruns
Dr. Sebastian Bruns Center for Maritime Strategy and Security
Prof. Sal Mercogliano
Prof. Sal Mercogliano Campbell University
Capt. James Howe
Capt. James Howe US Coast Guard
Christian Ehrlich
Christian Ehrlich Founding Director of Riskop
Rafael Uribe-Neira
Rafael Uribe-Neira Independant scholar
Dr. Samuel Rivera Páez
Dr. Samuel Rivera Páez Escuela Superior de Guerra
Timothy Choi
Timothy Choi University of Calgary
Prof. Peter Dombrowski
Prof. Peter Dombrowski Naval War College
Andrea L. F. Resende de Souza
Andrea L. F. Resende de Souza PUC Minas
Dr. Tabitha Grace Mallory
Dr. Tabitha Grace Mallory China Ocean Institute & University of Washington


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