“Allied Maritime Strategy – A Theory for Success?”

The Kiel International Seapower Symposium 2018 addressed questions pertaining to NATO’s Allied Maritime Strategy. The current document, published in 2011, is in need of a revision in light of recent geopolitical developments. “AMS 2.0” will have to align with NATO’s emerging Strategic Concept as well as consider the key maritime interests that tie allied and partner nations together. #KISS18 is part of a series of symposia providing assessments of allied maritime strategy and an impetus for new documents. Whereas this year’s conference addressed strategic ‘ends’, #KISS19 will focus on ‘means’ while #KISS20 shall cover ‘ways’ regarding NATO’s maritime strategy. From strategic and operational assessments of the recent past, to current threats and challenges, as well as joint and combined real-world responses, the Kiel International Seapower Symposia intend to firmly anchor the new AMS within the transatlantic maritime strategic framework. Three panels, punctuated by high-level interventions, as well as a final keynote conversation shed light on enduring, emerging, and recurring principles a new AMS must address.  

Welcoming Remarks



Following the opening by Prof. Dr. Joachim Krause, Director of the Institute for Security Policy, and Dr. Sebastian Bruns, Head of the Center for Maritime Strategy & Security at the ISPK, welcoming remarks were held by Daniel Günther, Minister President of Schleswig Holstein.

Panel 1: Making the Case for a New Allied Maritime Strategy

Panel 1 addressed the needs for a new Allied Maritime Strategy in light of growing threats and challenges within a changing security environment.

The first panel was chaired by Dr. Sebastian Bruns, Center for Maritime Strategy & Security, Institute for Security Policy Kiel.

Panel 2: Common Goals and National Caveats

Panel 2 discussed strategic goals of NATO and its partners, what contribution the AMS 2.0 can make in achieving these aims, as well as the caveats that need to be addressed.

The second Panel was chaired by Dr. Eric Thompson, Center for Strategic Studies at the Center for Naval Analyses, Arlington, VA.

Panel 3: Warfighting First – and Then What?

Panel 3 questioned the established understanding of (military/maritime/naval) strategy, the correlation between ends, ways, and means, as well as the amount of appreciation for “secondary” naval roles.

The third panel was chaired by Jeremy Stöhs, Center for Maritime Strategy & Security, Institute for Security Policy Kiel.

Keynote Conversation




Rear Admiral Jens Nemeyer, Deputy Chief of Staff Operations at NATO Allied Maritime Command, provided an introduction to the concluding keynote conversation with Admiral (ret.) Mark P. Fitzgerald, former U.S. Navy, Dr. Eric Thompson, Center for Naval Analyses, and Dr. Sebastian Bruns, Center for Maritime Strategy & Security at the ISPK.

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Dr. Sebastian Bruns
Dr. Sebastian Bruns Center for Maritime Strategy & Security, Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University (ISPK)
Prof. Dr. Peter J. Dombrowski
Prof. Dr. Peter J. Dombrowski U.S. Naval War College, Newport, RI
ADM (ret.) Mark P. Fitzgerald
ADM (ret.) Mark P. Fitzgerald U.S. Navy
Prof. Dr. Eric Grove
Prof. Dr. Eric Grove University of Cambridge
Daniel Günther
Daniel Günther Minister President of Schleswig-Holstein
Dr. Karl-Heinz Kamp
Dr. Karl-Heinz Kamp Federal Academy for Security Policy, Berlin
Dr. Nicole Koenig
Dr. Nicole Koenig Jacques Delors Institut, Berlin
VADM Andreas Krause
VADM Andreas Krause German Navy, Rostock
Prof. Dr. Joachim Krause
Prof. Dr. Joachim Krause Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University (ISPK)
Prof. Dr. Aletta Mondré
Prof. Dr. Aletta Mondré University of Kiel
RADM Jens Nemeyer
RADM Jens Nemeyer NATO Allied Maritime Command, Northwood, UK
Magnus F. Nordenman
Magnus F. Nordenman Atlantic Council, Washington D.C.
Dr. Kęstutis Paulauskas
Dr. Kęstutis Paulauskas NATO Defence Policy and Planning Division, Brussels
Dr. Kevin Rowlands
Dr. Kevin Rowlands King's College, London
Jeremy Stöhs
Jeremy Stöhs Center for Maritime Strategy & Security, Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University (ISPK)
Eric V. Thompson, Ph.D.
Eric V. Thompson, Ph.D. Center for Strategic Studies at the CNA, Arlington, VA
Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Till
Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Till King's College, London
Dr. Steven T. Wills
Dr. Steven T. Wills Center for Naval Analyses (CNA), Arlington, VA

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