The Kiel Conference has used the momentum provided by Kiel Week to establish a conference format aimed at raising the awareness for the maritime domain as well as strengthening the ties between military, academia, politics, and industry. It has also drawn from Kiel’s chequered heritage as a significant naval and maritime city. Rich in naval history, Kiel is not only a major Baltic sea port and namesake to the famous Kiel Canal but also home to the ISPK, the COE CSW, the German Navy’s Flotilla 1, the GEOMAR, leading German shipyards, and the famous Kiel Week.

In each iteration of the conference a specific maritime region is selected and used as a case to discuss a broad range of security challenges. These can be of geostrategic, political, legal, military, economic, or technological nature. Hence, the Kiel Conference has served as a bridge between political-strategic and geopolitical concerns and has brought together professionals from the military with thought leaders from academia, industry, and politics.The accomplishment of two successful conferences in 2015 and 2016 helped create the Kiel Seapower Series in 2017.