Dr. Sebastian Bruns
Dr. Sebastian Bruns on wargaming, novels and pop culture (2020)
Dr. Sebastian Bruns
Dr. Sebastian Bruns on Baltic Security (2019)
Jeremy Stöhs
Jeremy Stöhs on the Decline of European Naval Power (2019)
Jeremy Stöhs
Jeremy Stöhs on European Naval Power (2018)
Prof. Dr. Eric Growe
Prof. Dr. Eric Growe on the UK's Maritime Strategy (2018)
VADM (DEU N) (ret.) Lutz Feldt
VADM (DEU N) (ret.) Lutz Feldt on Defining Maritime Security (2018)
Dr. Alison Russel
Dr. Alison Russel on Cyber Threats to Navies (2017)
Vasco Becker-Weinberg
Vasco Becker-Weinberg on legal issues in the South China Sea (2017)
CAPT (DEU N) (ret.) Klaus Mommsen
CAPT (DEU N) (ret.) Klaus Mommsen on the Russian Navy (2017)
LtCdr (SWE N) Stefan Lundqvist
LtCdr (SWE N) Stefan Lundqvist on Swedish-Finnish Cooperation and the Baltic Sea (2017)

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Kiel International Seapower Symposium

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Kiel Conference 2016 - Focus: High North

Kiel Conference 2015 - Baltic Sea Focus


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